KN95 Masks - Packaged in Bags of 10

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KN95 Mask - Sold In Packages of 10 - Fish Shape

Note: This mask design is used in clean rooms and is more comfortable than most other similar KN95 masks.  We think you will like this design.   

Filtering respirator face piece masks are subject to various regulatory standards and compliance guidelines from around the world. These guidelines and standards specify the required physical properties, performance characteristics and functionality necessary for achieving a particular standard within a particular country. During emergency situations such as epidemics and pandemics, health authorities may authorize the use of certain foreign standards of face piece respirators such as N95, KN95, or FFP2 equivalent. This article will seek to identify and describe some of the most commonly available respirator standards around the world as well as provide a summary of the current regulatory framework under the FDA in the United States with respect to the 2019 novel coronavirus and associated COVID-19 pandemic.

KN95 masks are regulated by the Chinese government under regulation GB2626-2006 and are rated to filter 95% of particles. In April of 2020, in order to help expand the availability of general use face masks for the general public and particulate filtering facepiece respirators for healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA issued guidance authorizing the use of KN95 masks as suitable NIOSH alternatives under certain emergency circumstances


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